Frequently Asked Questions

About GOTPARKING.COM has partnerships with privately-owned and run parking facilities situated across the United States as well as Canada; customers can compare parking prices and amenities and make parking reservations online too. Once you have a confirmed reservation, you only have to be present at the parking facility at the scheduled date and time. Simply present the Reservation Receipt copy to the cashier there and pay the balance amount.

Your reservation receipt will have the contact information and the address of the parking lot. You will also find the link that has a map and directions. This same map is also available on the reservation quote page.

The frequency and timings of the shuttle vary by location. While some shuttles run round the clock at certain intervals, others operate for a limited number of hours. Every individual lot’s page will have this information. If you have any other questions regarding the timings and frequency of the shuttle for a particular facility, feel free to connect with our customer service via the Contact Us page to get the information you need.

At this point of time, there are certain airports that we don’t serve. We are constantly working on including new Parking Partners on our platform; so if there is a specific airport or parking lot you can’t find on our site, feel free to send us your request via the Contact Us page. We will try our best to add it to our site in the future.

Cancellation Policy

You have the option to cancel your reservation at any time up to & on the scheduled reservation date and time, and will get a full refund. If you have used a credit card to make a full/part payment, that amount will be refunded to the same account. You have the option to submit your cancellation from here or via the Contact Us page. We wouldn’t be able to accept any cancellations post the scheduled reservation date and time. In order to be eligible for a full refund, be sure to cancel well ahead of time.

Reservation Receipt

You will receive the Reservation Receipt copy at the email address provided by you during the checkout process. If required, you can obtain a second copy of the same receipt by following these steps:

If you are signed into your account

  • Go to the Help Menu
  • Click on the view button on the “ Reservation Receipt” tab at the top of the page
  • Click on “email”
  • You also have the option to Fax the copy to a number of your choice

If you aren’t signed into the account:

  • Go to the Help Menu
  • Click on the view button on the “ Reservation Receipt” tab at the top of the page
  • Fill out the necessary information & click 'Get Receipt’
  • You will be able to see the receipt copy in the 'View Online' delivery option
  • You also have the option to Email/Fax the copy to yourself

NOTE: The first and last name has to be an exact match with any information that was entered on your reservation. For any additional information, please write to us via the Contact Us form.

Once you have submitted the reservation, you would not be able to alter it. However there are certain deciding factors to ascertain whether the shift in plans needs any further action.

If you have a confirmed reservation at a parking facility that necessitated a 100% advance payment, and need to make changes to your schedule, we request you to get in touch with our customer service department, via the Contact Us page.

  • Based on the details of your reservation, we may ask you to action a cancellation and then make a fresh reservation.
  • No refunds would be issued for early returns.

If you have a confirmed reservation at a parking facility where only a deposit was required to secure the reservation, these are the scenarios you can review:

  • If there is a change in the reservation time, your reservation would still be valid.
  • You simply have to carry the reservation receipt with you and inform the cashier or the lot attendant of the change.
  • They will calculate the balance due based on what your actual parking timing was.
  • If there is an alteration in the arrival date, you would have to cancel your original reservation and create a new one.
  • The credit or refund will then be applied in–line with the cancellation policy mentioned above.
  • If there is a change in the return date and time, you would still be able to use the reservation.
  • Simply carry the reservation receipt with you and inform the cashier or the lot attendant of the change.
  • The balance that’s due to you will be calculated based on the actual parking time.

You are required to carry the Reservation Receipt and present it at the parking lot. You will receive a copy of this receipt at your email address. While some of our partners accept electronic receipts on mobile phones, others accept only a printed receipt and this information will show up on your receipt.

There are several prices and amounts on my Reservation Receipt. What do they mean?

The Payment Details section on your receipt has this information:

  1. Total– This indicates the parking reservation’s total cost (This includes the daily rate, taxes, surcharges, & service fees). The surcharges and taxes will vary based on local regulations.
  2. Paid to The section indicates the amount paid by you to secure your reservation (this includes the Service Fee, Credit or Coupon Code that has been applied).
  3. Balance Due at Parking Lot- This section indicates the amount you’d have to pay at the parking lot. If you’ve made a full payment at the point of reservation, you may see “zero balance” mentioned there.

Please note that any alteration to your arrival and/or departure times might impact the total reservation cost. There can be a slight variation in the taxes and fees due to local regulations.

If you see an "Unavailable" notation, it indicates that parking facility isn’t currently accepting reservations via The information listed by us is for informational purposes; this helps you compare rates and services with various other parking facilities in the area.

Once you have clicked the Complete Reservation button, it takes a couple of moments for your transaction to be processed. You will then be able to view the reservation receipt; you will also receive a copy at your registered email address. The receipt will have complete information such as:

  • Departure airport
  • Name and address of the parking lot
  • The phone number
  • Direction
  • The scheduled arrival & departure times
  • The rate for parking
  • Estimated total price (this includes the service fee)
  • Arrival and transportation details (lot specific)

You are required to present the Reservation Receipt copy when you are making your payment to the cashier. Without this, you wouldn’t be able to receive a credit for the online payment. We aren’t able to refund any charges you incur due to not being able to present the Reservation Receipt copy. While some of our partners accept electronic receipts on mobile phones, others accept only a printed receipt.

It’s always recommended that you have a reservation at an airport parking lot before you actually get there. Not only is it likely that you will pay a lower rate than normal, but you don’t have to worry about the lot being sold out, and being turned away.

We at are the off-airport parking specialists and don’t facilitate any type of reservations for airports’ parking facilities. However, you may still be able to view information of airport lot parking rates listed on our sites; this is done specifically to provide you with information about prices and features to help with your comparison shopping efforts.


You don’t have to make any payment at the time of reservation. For some parking facilities, you’d have to prepay only a certain percentage of the total amount, when you submit the reservation. You would have to pay the balance amount at the parking facility itself.

Some parking facilities require you to make the payment in full when you submit your reservation via our site. This particular information would reflect on the site’s checkout page as well as on your reservation receipt. There are a few vital details to keep in view, that will help ensure you enjoy a seamless experience:

  • In order to receive credit for the online payment you’ve made, you would have to present the Reservation Receipt copy. If you fail to do this, you would have to forfeit the refund and you may also be charged a much higher rate.
  • Generally, the balance is due upon return; however, certain facilities collect the balance amount on arrival.
  • Certain facilities have specific check-out procedures; you would be able to find detailed information on your Reservation Receipt.
  • If the change in your schedule requires you to park for longer than the booked time, the balance amount would be adjusted accordingly.
  • There might also be a service fee involved. This fee helps us offer you various conveniences such as our mobile app, comparison shopping, excellent customer support as well as a number of other important services. Do look at the checkout page for payment information.
  • Almost all our parking partners offer customers the facility of paying via major credit cards or cash. In order to avoid any confusion, we recommend you peruse the information that’s listed for each parking facility before making your reservation.