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Why Parking Lot Owners Should List Their Lots on Our Marketplace

Regular travelers always want a good and secure parking space for their car. One of their main requirements is a parking lot close to the airport.

If you are a parking lot owner, this need translates into a strong business opportunity, as very many people travel by air and are on the lookout for parking lots near their airport. There's a great demand for these types of parking facilities, but at the same time of course, there are a great number of facilities competing at each airport, each providing similar services.

This is where the Gotparking reservation platform enters the picture. We're a unique and robust platform offering you the visibility you need to make your parking lot brand more noticeable and successful.

Imagine, your potential customer, looking for cheap airport parking, is searching online and is poised, credit card in hand, to reserve their parking space. On Google the long list of competing parking lots makes it unlikely they will choose your lot. However, on Gotparking, customers easily compare a shorter list of parking lots, which includes your lot. They then reserve effortlessly through our service and park their car in your parking lot.

We Have Your Back

We’re innovative. We use technology make your life easier and eliminate many headaches:

  • We’ve automated and streamlined listing, pricing and inventory management. Gotparking is the first reservation platform that talks directly to netPark software. Your changes on netPark are automatically reflected on Gotparking!
  • We collect detailed customer information upfront in order to help you save time and keep your lines moving quickly.

Ready to supercharge your revenue? Here's what airport parking lot owners experience once they list with Gotparking:

Get Noticed

Getting noticed is essential. However, it's not only about "getting noticed." The quality of customer attention matters, as well.

The digital space is saturated with ads and customers can easily become distracted. But imagine listing in an online marketplace that is designed for one purpose only, with no distractions and a singular purpose: To connect airport parking lots with flyers looking for accessible, secure, reliable and inexpensive airport parking.

Get noticed through the Gotparking platform, where clients are paying attention and are ready to reserve and park.

Go Where Your Customers Are

When customers need to locate and reserve airport parking for an upcoming plane trip, they search online and find When customers in your city visit our site, they are guided to the page that shows your parking lot.

While, most flyers use social media websites, such as Facebook or Instagram, few are looking to book a parking spot right now. They aren’t planning a trip, so they don’t need one.

We market aggressively on search engines like Google, since people actively searching want to reserve parking now. Gotparking puts your lot in front of people who are looking.

Increase Your Visibility

Because Gotparking markets aggressively on search engines, customers find our website when searching for airport parking. Your lot is featured in our marketplace whenever they search for parking at an airport you serve.

If you have a website or advertise on your own, that’s great. complements your site and ad placements, providing you with increased visibility and bookings that add to your bottom line.

Go with a Trusted Business

We have been operating in the airport parking niche for many years, and each of our lot owners has a relationship with our brand and our Customer Support team.

Visitors to Gotparking can trust that we list only established and licensed parking lots. We're a go-to source for flyers looking for reliable and safe off-airport parking options.

Well-Informed Decisions Lead to Happy Customers

Gotparking visitors can compare amenities, pricing, discounts, distance from the airport and more. Our platform helps them make informed decisions.

Since most parking lots have much in common, listed on our website there will of course be lots like yours and with similar pricing to yours. You might feel therefore that you stand to lose because of that, and that the competition will ruin your chances of getting bookings.

Nevertheless, as a credible business creating value for your customers, you will find that our site is the perfect platform for showcasing your lot and for showing how you differ from others in your space.

By displaying photos and information about your facility and unique amenities or by offering special promotions, you distinguish your parking lot and attract flyers who will appreciate what you have to offer and who will not be disappointed.

User-Friendly and Efficient

Our user-friendly and efficient filtering system encourages customers to keep returning when they wish to book a parking space. The customer sees your business on Gotparking each time they search for lots and enter the relevant filter criteria.

Besides the level of detail and transparency we provide for your customers, our filter is why so many vacationers, travelers and frequent flyers use Gotparking to find inexpensive airport parking without the hassle of driving from lot to lot or settling for high prices. All they do is search, compare, reserve and park.

We make it as simple as possible.

Gives New Parking Lots a Boost

For new parking lot owners, it can be quite challenging to get a steady flow of customers. However, when they register their parking lots on Gotparking, our website acts as a launch pad for their businesses and gives them the boost they need.

Get Started

When you have spots to fill, we have customers to fill them.

Leverage our easy to use yet powerful platform to fill your parking lot and grow your business. Our netPark integration automates listings and updates; you hardly do a thing to keep your listing up-to-date.

Get started right now! Complete our Lot Owners Sign-Up form below. Welcome to the Gotparking family!